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Implementation Guide

Dientes Fuertes, Vida Sana (“Strong Teeth, Healthy Life”or DFVS) is a program to prepare promotores de salud (promotores) to conduct outreach to build Latino parents’ knowledge and skills in dental health literacy and dental health system navigation to prevent childhood tooth decay and establish positive, lifelong habits.

The DFVS Implementation Guide provides supportive information for Latino-serving community-based organizations (CBOs) considering the use of DFVS and is included with the full DFVS curriculum. To download, click the link below.

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The DFVS Implementation Guide has two parts.

Part I—Quick Start Guide: The Quick Start Guide provides a condensed overview of the following DFVS program topics: program and dental health background information, program goals, implementation costs, program benefits, program content, training logistics, the facilitator’s role, and how to demonstrate program outcomes. The Quick Start section provides all the information you need to quickly get the Dientes Fuertes, Vida Sana program up and running in your organization.

Part II—Implementation Support: Provides a deeper, more detailed discussion of factors that can influence the successful implementation of DFVS as a community-based health promotion program, and can be read start to finish, or used as reference materials. Topics include:

  • Assessing your CBO’s mission, vision, and existing programs and services
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Securing financial resources
  • Staffing
  • Promotores training and support
  • Documenting program outcomes