Brushing, Flossing, and Dental Care

Mouth Healthy is a dental health website with a variety of resources about nutrition, dentists, and dental hygiene. Mouth Healthy is maintained by the American Dental Association. To find this page, type “Mouth Healthy” into Google. (English and Spanish)

The Oral Health America website contains dental health education materials, online quizzes, activities, tools, and tips promotores can share with families. The website has links to help users find dentists and dental products. To find this page, type “Oral Health America” into Google. (English)

The Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center provides many free resources, handouts, and tip sheets to share with families to promote dental health. To find this page, type “Head Start oral health resources” into Google. (English and Spanish)

2min2x is part of the Children’s Oral Health campaign. The 2min2x website, meaning brush teeth for two minutes twice daily, contains resources and tools to prevent children’s tooth decay. The website is presented by the Partnership for Health Mouths, Healthy Lives. To find this page, type “2min2x” into Google. (English and Spanish)


The CDC Community Water Fluoridation website contains fluoride educational materials, statistics, and infographics. The CDC also offers a tool, My Water’s Fluoride, that allows users to view the fluoridation status of county public water systems. Materials are available in English. To find this page, type “My water’s fluoride” into Google. (English)

Campaign for Dental Health

The Campaign for Dental Health (CDH) works to assure children receive basic dental care. The CDH website offers a variety of resources including learning materials and dental health videos. To find this page, type “Campaign for Dental Health” into Google. (English and Spanish)

Data and Training

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Children’s Oral Health website has data and important facts about oral health. The website offers evidence-based resources for parents and health workers. To find this page, type “CDC Children’s Oral Health” into Google. (English)

The CDC Oral Health and Health Disparities website offers data and statistics about oral health disparities based on age, education, and racial and ethnic groups. To find this page, type “CDC Oral Health and Health Disparities” into Google. (English)

Dental Health Services

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research provides a website for users to search for oral health information based on symptoms and health conditions including HIV/AIDS and Oral Cancer. The website offers resources for clinical research trials, grants and funding opportunities. To find this page, type “National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research” into Google. (English)


Visit the Federal Drug and Food Administration website for a full, detailed explanation of how to read a nutrition label. To find this page type, “FDA How to understand nutrition label” into Google. (English)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture provide daily sugar consumption guidelines for adults and children. To find this page type, “Dietary guidelines 2015” into Google. (English)

Promotores/Community Health Worker Program Resources

KDH Research & Communication created the Todo Promotores Clearinghouse (TPC) to provide comprehensive promotores program formulation, implementation, and evaluation resources for community-based organizations. TPC offers materials to help organizations set goals, hire and train promotores, build partnerships, manage resources, promote their services, and more. To find this page, type “Todo Promotores Clearinghouse” into Google. (English and Spanish)

Families USA published a brief with research on funding promotores programs. The brief includes research about the financial benefits of promotores programs, how organizations can use Medicaid to fund their programs, and how to integrate programs into health systems. To find this page, type “How to fund community health workers” into Google. (English)

The Community Health Worker Core Consensus Project developed core roles, skills, and qualities for promotores and community health workers. To find this page, type “CHW C3” into Google. (English)